Training Methods & Programs


Training Method

The training program is divided into three main stages

  • Basics of obedience.
  • Obedience advanced.
  • Protection training which is divided into (basics of protection and advanced protection).

And the right age to start training for the dog is five months, but there is a preliminary stage and called the principles of obedience training starting from the age of 90 days.

Dog obedience training should begin when the dog at the age of five months to accommodate the training lessons and can even be eligible mentally and physically to receive these lessons successfully And of course the dogs obedience training should begin after finishing the training for the dog completely and successfully training each own righteous conduct exercises, which prefers to start from the age of three months and up to five months.

Our Training Programs

And of course the dog’s obedience training is to teach the dog to be implemented as soon as his master orders to hear a special and specific appeal to this matter and this course includes training dogs to obey commands following:-

The first training: to train a dog to sit on the stool Sit-Stay

This training is for training dogs to sit steady and without a series on sit (so that all the weight of the body is the crippling and his body and his head in a position perpendicular to the ground, face forward, eyes look in the stability of the forward and the highest and the dog set on it (any period of time) after the call to it, nor change This situation only after calling his master wording come, coach starts this lesson using the string and mastery of movement after the call on the dog without leash.

Dog Training begins installing Training leash and collar then walks first dog in such a random direction until the dog becomes quiet and has a response to what you order him and then suddenly say your word training (Sit) with pronunciation dog name with this word like (Roy Sit) and at the same moment coach pressing the left hand on the back of the back of the dog sit on the floor and with comfortable right hand presses back on the chest of the dog in order to prove this situation and when the dog takes this situation right; treat and tell him Bravo   Roy good boy.

Make your dog always feel that he lead this movement to improve his self-confidence because the dog on this situation suffered psychologically and then repeat training with a leash even longer up to six meters in length

The move, which followed is a dog training that leads this training without leash and then from another room to the room where the exact location and then from the park to hold and up to this exact location and then from the park to hold up to his place once heard the call go to your place .

We trying to give you an idea about our way of training and also as an advice from us to you, you will be happy to assist you to train your dog by yourself…

*We helping people to understand what dogs really need*